Enjoy a fun outing on the water with Contour’s lineup of paddle boats. From the small and maneuverable Cadet, perfect for one or two occupants, to the 4-to-5-person Commander, Contour has a boat for everyone.

Standard accessories included with every Contour paddle boat include:

  • A joystick-style steering control
  • Front and rear handles for easy handling and tie-down
  • An electric motor mount
  • Rust-proof sealed ball bearings

Exclusive Contour Paddle Boat Features:

  • 6 Injection Molded Paddle Blades – The high volume propulsion system that provides more torque per revolution and quiet, smooth operation
  • Sealed Ball Bearings – Each Contour paddle boat’s crankshaft rotates on an automotive-type sealed bearing system that’s supported in separate bearing housings.
  • Triax Wheel – The drive system uses steel construction for increased durability. A stainless steel option is available for use in saltwater.
  • 3-Year Warranty – The hull, deck, and parts of each Contour paddle boat are protected by a three-year warranty.


  • Cover
  • Canopy

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